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Shocking Footage Of Ginimbi Clocking 260 Km/Hr Has Emerged

Flamboyant Ginimbi flaunts R4m sports car

Last week in the wee hours of Sunday Zimbabweans woke up to the tragic news that popular socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure had died in a car crash together with his three friends, as details of the accident emerged some on social media blamed emergency services for failing to arrive on the accident scene on time while others blamed Ginimbi for driving under the influence of alcohol. However, what is clear is that Ginimbi was over speeding!

Video footage has emerged showing Genius Kandungure clocking 260km/hr in one of his V12 powered cars. Social media hottie Daniell who shared the video on Instagram wrote an accompanying emotional message describing Ginimbi’s love for fast cars and speed:

Speed was your thing, you handled these cars, they were your toys!! So trying to spin this around my head is crazy for real G. What Could Have Possibly Happened At That Bend, she said.

Anderson Kadungure father to the late Ginimbi said he was not surprised when he learnt that his son had died in a car accident saying Ginimbi was a well-known speedster:

I received a call that he had been involved in an accident. We know he used to speed on the roads, so we were not shocked as the person who was phoning was crying…, he said.

Ginimbi, Moana, Limumba – a Malawian fugitive and Elisha a Mozambican were coming back from Moana’s birthday party when their Rolls Royce Wraith was involved in a head-on collision with a Honda Fit along Borrowdale road. Video footage from Moana’s birthday party showed Ginimbi enjoying himself drinking what looked like alcohol.

Ginimbi was pulled out of the wreckage of the Rolls Royce and according to an eyewitness account, the other three passengers were burnt alive beyond recognition. Ginimbi who was 36 at the time of his death will be laid to rest at his Domboshawa Mansion on Saturday 15 November.

Below we present the video of the late Ginimbi clocking 260km/hr.

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