In an incident that left Gweru residents awestruck a man has backed his wife up against allegations of prost_itution where she shared a bed with a stranger the whole night who later stole from her.

Terence Kondo of Ascot Infill Gweru appeared before Gweru magistrate Mildred Matuvi facing theft charges. He was convicted on his own plea and was remanded to today for sentencing.

Brenda Hwata’s husband appeared in court defending his wife that she was coned after she rendered help to a man who was in need.

He also testified that he trusted his wife because she was faithful and loyal adding that there was no way she could betray him.

It is the State’s case that Brenda a 40-year-old of Mutapa suburb spent the night with a 22-year-old Terence Kondo while drinking at Sacalo Night Club.

Terence then accompanied Brenda to her house.

When they got to her place, Terence asked Brenda for a place to sleep for $10.

Brenda gave Terence her Nokia 1202 to put his line and do an Ecocash transaction since his phone was off.

The two shared a bed.

During the night, Terence sneaked out while Brenda was sleeping and stole the cell phone he had been given to make payment for the night, another Sony cell phone, a pair of jean trousers, one pair of shoes, DStv decorder and $146.00.

It is alleged that Brenda is a well-known ho_oker in Mutapa. However, the husband argued otherwise in court.

Brenda was awakened by her husband who arrived that morning from Kwekwe who noticed that there were missing goods.

The case was reported to the police following Terence’s arrest.

He was able to recover $18 of the $311 valued stolen property.



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