She’s a bit crazy and annoying: Promoter savages Bev Sibanda


She’s a bit crazy and annoying: Promoter savages Bev Sibanda.

The dancehall queen made the sensational allegations during a no-holds-barred question and answer session with the local tabloid the H-Metro. The self-confessed drama queen told the publication that controversy runs in her DNA because she is not confined to outdated cultural norms.

Tanyaradwa MasangoSouth African based music promoter and socialite Tanyaradzwa ‘Dope Queen’ Masango has fired shots at raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda for being dramatic and hard to work with.

”Culture taught us so many things that are now making us live miserable lives but I choose to differ,” she said. Quizzed on her most controversial moment, the promoter claimed that it was in 2016 when she had a nasty fallout with Beverly Sibanda.

”Back in 2016 when Beverly Sibanda asked me to book for venues for her and I got her three and set up everything,only for her not to show up lying that I was unprofessional when she was the one who never picked up her phone. ”Not knowing if she did that purposely to embarrass me as a promoter or something, we are still not in good books because she even got me fired at the venue I was working then.”

She also added that she did not foresee working with Sibanda ever again.

”I personally would never work with her again. ”I think she is a little bit crazy and annoying as well as unpredictable. ”So I can’t honestly and most people I know that have worked with her complain about her drama too,” said Dope Queen.

The musician grabbed headlines early this year following rumours that she was seeing Soul Jah Love after photographs of the two circulated on social media.



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