‘She killed my son’


‘She killed my son’

Two wives are at loggerheads over violence and the mysterious death of a child.

‘She killed my son’

Lia Tembo applied for a peace order against her husband’s first wife, Lessy Mafunga who repeatedly assaults her and claims that she killed her son.

“Maiguru threatens me all the time saying that I killed her son using juju,” she said.

The two women from Mabvuku are customarily married to one person and always pose violent acts towards each other most of the time.

Lia explained to the court how Lessy once went to her house and started vandalising her furniture, calling her with vulgar names in the presence of her child who is a minor.

“Vakambouya kumba kwangu vakatanga kuputsa midziyo yangu pasi vakasiya vandiputsira plasma yangu pasi vachiti kumba kwavo hakuna chikafu asi pano makagarika,” she said.

Lessy explained her plight to the court stating that her husband was no longer taking care of the family and how the husband’s family members had neglected her because of her violent acts towards the other wife.

“Murume wangu haachambogare kumba anouya paanenge adira ndiko saka ndichizoenda kunopopotera amainini nekuti ini hapana chandiri kuitirwa and hama dzake dzakabva dzatondisvora hapana achandida pamusaka pemukadzi iyeyu,” she said.

Lessy claimed Lia caused the death of her son through the use of juju.

She alleged that when Lia came into their lives that’s when strange things started happening to her son till he died and that after the death her husband continuously threatens her every time they meet.

“Paakaroorwa akauraisa mwana wangu nemushonga plus kubva pakafa mwana wangu murume wangu anongondituka,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo concluded the matter by granting Lia with a peace order against Lessy.



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