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Shadhaya special message to all men

“Men Don’t Cheat” - Shadaya’s Thread On Twitter Torches A Social Media Storm
shadaya Tawona

Shadhaya special message to all men

Again, reading of another young man who committed suicide after a girl cheated/dumped him. This is what happens when a man LOVES a woman instead of UNDERSTANDING her. Many young men continue losing lives because they have been sold the lie that is love & bought it.

The fairytale of forever & ever. Many men believe it when the woman they’re with says “i love you”, yeah she may mean it BUT here’s the catch, for NOW. Women are emotional beings, whatever they say or feel is in the NOW not forever.

Yes, that girl you’re planning to build your happily forever after, can & will leave you, as her options expand. It won’t matter how long you’ve been together OR how much you’ve sacrificed for her. Women just don’t care, they’re only loyal to their emotions

Understand these 3 pillars that define women:

1. Hypergamy – she’ll always seek the highest value male to mate with
2. Briffault’s Law – if you’ve no money/fame to offer she doesn’t even know you exist
3. Solipsism – nothing else matters to her except her own decisions & desires


Hypergamy – she’s always seeking your replacement, that’s why it’s always easier for women to move on after a breakup. Probably coz she had your replacement sorted out way back. You never catch a woman cheating you just catch her transitioning into her new relationship

You’re not the only guy your woman is interacting with. She’s even giving out her number. Every action of hers, is to get the attention of other males with the hope that someone “better” than you introduces himself

Yes, those uploads on IG, she’s marketing herself, if the right bid comes, she’s gone. Yes that make up on fleek & body hugging dress as she goes into town, she’s hoping she catches someone’s eye. And it’s no fault of their own, it’s just their nature

Briffault’s Law – there’s the saying, a rich man can change a broke woman’s life. But a rich woman won’t even look a broke man’s way. That’s just their nature, she’ll gravitate towards the guy that has money or fame as it fulfills her desires of comfort & status

So best believe it, at most if a dude who’s more financially stable than you approaches her, 9/10 she’ll bite. They’re creatures of comfort, their “love” can easily be bought with trinkets. Deep rooted in materialism, she’ll choose the one who stands to give her the most.

At most, if a dude who’s popular or famous approaches her, 9/10 she’ll bite. It’s their innate desire to be associated with men of status. Women are so mesmerized with status, a man is simply a means to attain status in society

You see this clearly with celebrities, a woman may not even love the said celebrity in question, but she’ll still fuck him, just so she can say I fucked him too. They are like kids, they want the toy everyone wants

Solipsism – this is a point past narcissism. She doesn’t care how much you’re sacrificing for her. The only thing that matters to her is how you make her feel. She’s only occupied by their own feelings

Meaning, if another guys pops up & is able to make her feel, she’ll cheat or dump you. And guess what it won’t matter how much you’ve sacrificed for her, all that matters to her is her feelings. How many times you’ve heard a man say “after all I did for her”, she don’t care bro

Now, since women are guided by these 3 pillars, does it mean they’re incapable of “loving” one man. No. They can develop strong feelings for a man if they become emotionally attached to him (pairbonded) which is why virgins are the prime choice to pick

As harsh as it is, that’s just women nature, every man needs to understand this. There’s absolutely no reason for any man to be crying or killing himself over a woman. Start seeing women for what they truly are & stop buying into fantasies

Don’t attach your happiness to women, it’ll make you needy, clingy & desperate. And desperate men are mentally unstable, it always ends in disaster, either he ends up in hospital, jail or a body bag. All because he made pussy the centre of his life

Free yourself bro, there’s more to life than women. Accept that it’s over. Rebuild yourself for yourself. Let her go & continue working on your dreams. And guess what, once healed, naturally better women will come. But first you have to accept it is what it is!!

In other news,


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Takudzwa Chifamba’s body was found hanging at his friend’s house in the same suburb.

Takudzwa, a Catholic church song composer and journalism student, left a suicide note at his lover (only identified as Christine’s) house and also sent the same note to…Full Story


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