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Several African Countries Make COVID-19 Certificates Mandatory For Entry

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Several African Countries Make COVID-19 Certificates Mandatory For Entry

A number of African countries are now requesting a vaccine certificate upon arrival as a way to prevent importing and worsening the coronavirus situation in those countries.

ANA took a look at the African countries requesting Covid-19 vaccine certificates upon arrival. Below is a list of some of the countries requesting vaccine certificates.


In a letter sent to diplomats, the government of Togo announced that nationals of countries that make vaccination certificates mandatory must also present a vaccination certificate if they are to enter Togo.


Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities recently announced that the north African country now allows Covid-19 vaccinated travellers with World Health Organization (WHO) and EDA manufacturer-approved vaccines to enter the country 14 days after the last dose.


According to the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Zimbabwe has introduced the Trusted Travel initiative to support AU member states to streamline their health screening systems.

The Trusted Travel initiative offers an online digital platform for the verification and authentication of Covid -19 test results based on a collaborative effort across a network of participating Covid-19 testing laboratories and Port Health authorities.

The Africa CDC said that this platform allows for the detection of counterfeit travel documents and also enhances cross-border collaboration and confidence in Covid-19 results originating from other countries.

This platform further provides updated information on entry requirements and travel restrictions for participating states.

South Africa

Business Insider South Africa says South Africa is being urged to digitise its Covid-19 vaccine and testing certificates in a standardised way which will make it easier for travellers to pass border security checks. According to the government, upon arrival, travellers to South Africa will need to present a negative Covid-19 test result not older than 72 hours from the time of departure.


Emirates.com says travellers visiting Morocco must provide a valid vaccination certificate approved by the Moroccan Ministry of Health proving that they received the complete required dosage of a vaccine at least two weeks before travel.

The African Union and Africa CDC expressed concern after it emerged that Europe’s digital “green pass” does not recognise a vaccine that was donated to many African countries through the Covax initiative.

CNN reports that the pass only recognises AstraZeneca doses made by EDA manufacturers and not those manufactured by the Serum Institute of India.

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