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Seven armed robbers hit money changer’s home

Chaos As Armed Robbers Exchange Gunfire With Cops In Harare CBD

Seven armed robbers hit money changer’s home

A seven-man gang of suspected armed robbers allegedly raided an illegal money changer at his home in Bulawayo before torturing him into revealing where he had hidden cash.

Chaos As Armed Robbers Exchange Gunfire With Cops In Harare CBD

The suspects allegedly got away with US$5 930, RTGS $1 500, R33 800, two cell phones and two cars – a Honda Fit and Toyota Hiace.

Mkhululi Ndlovu (28) and Shepherd Ndlovu (29), whose five accomplices are still at large, allegedly wore balaclavas and gloves when they robbed Mr Tasara Muzvarigwa (38) from Pelandaba suburb.

The two pleaded not guilty to armed robbery when they appeared before Bulawayo magistrate, Trynos Hutawashe, yesterday.

They were remanded to June 27 for trial.

The prosecutor, Mr Jethro Mada, said sometime in April 2019 at 7.30PM, the gang raided Mr Muzvarigwa whom they suspected to be a foreign currency dealer.

“The duo in the company of five others got inside Mr Muzvarigwa’s yard through the main gate. They gained entry into the house through an unlocked but closed door,” said Mr Mada.

He said Mr Muzvarigwa was sleeping while his children were watching television in the lounge when the gang stormed into his house and ordered everyone to lie down.

“The gang tied their hands with cable tiers and curtain cables at the same time threatening to shoot anyone who failed to comply,” said Mr Mada.

He said the suspects demanded money from Mr Muzvarigwa and indicated that they knew that he had a large sum of money kept in his house.

Mr Mada said Mr Muzvarigwa, who feared for his life and safety of his family, immediately showed the robbers a bag where he kept his money.

Upon seeing that it had bond notes, they kicked Mr Muzvarigwa demanding US dollars, the court heard.

Mr Mada said the gang ransacked the house, turning everything upside down and found a bunch of US dollars which was stashed inside a folded blanket on top of the wardrobe.

He said the gang tasered Mr Muzvarigwa with an electric shocker and threatened to harm his family as they demanded more cash.

“Having ransacked the whole house, the robbers demanded car keys and drove away in Mr Muzvarigwa’s two cars, which they later dumped along Masiyephambili Drive at Emakhandeni fly-over,” said Mr Mada.

He said police investigations led to the arrest of the suspects.



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