Senior Guard Steals Laptops From State House, Claims Mugabe Gave Him The Items

Former President Robert Mugabes senior guard Pepukai Zvakavapa allegedly broke into Zimbabwe House early this month and stole over 119 computers and accessories.


Zvakavapano (32) is alleged to have broken padlocks used to secure Mugabe’s computers stored in three shipping containers.

It is reported that his statements contradict each other as he claimed he was given the items by Mugabe but his statement to the police says he picked them from the Zimbabwe house bins.

The goods were placed into five containers and the doors were secured using padlock keys for safe keeping.

The State alleges on April 3, Zvakavapano and his accomplice Marega sneaked out the stolen property from the residence over the precast wall to a hideout point where they shared the spoils.

After executing the mission, the alleged men started selling the stolen property at giveaway prices in the city center through Econet mobile money transfer.

The corporal, was brought before Harare magistrate Josephine Sande who remanded him in custody to April 25.



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