Selmor Mtukudzi targeted by scammers.

Selmor spokesperson Reginald Chapfunga said the crooks are charging way more than they usually charge.“There are crooks going around claiming that they are Selmor’s managers and event planners.

Selmor ‘drives’ Tuku legacy in styleSelmor Mtukudzi’s handlers are crying foul over scammers who are masquerading as part of the diva’s management. The scam has seen Selmor losing slots at some big shows as the crooks are charging exorbitant fees purporting to have been sent by the diva.

“This started after our Hellenics show after they had noticed how Selmor is growing in the industry. “We realised this after we had met other event managers and they would say we wanted you to perform at this concert but your charges were too high.

“So far we have confirmed that we lost five events but we are sure they are more than that,” said Chapfunga. He added: “These crooks go to the event planners and they will claim that they work for certain artiste like Selmor.

“If they get the deal, they will then come back to that artiste and tell him or her that we asking you to perform at this event offering you this much.

“This is happening to a lot of artists in the entertainment industry and a lot of them have not yet noticed it which might affect their relations with their fans and promoters.

“Our management team is made up of myself, Sandra Mtukudzi and Josephat Hozhera. “However this has not stopped us from performing, very soon we will be in Australia, United Kingdom and Zambia.”

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