Home Celebs Sekuru Banda Slams Passion Over Ginimbi’s After Life Status

Sekuru Banda Slams Passion Over Ginimbi’s After Life Status

Sekuru Banda Slams Passion Over Ginimbi’s After Life Status

Popular traditional healer Sekuru Banda has warned controversial clerics Passion Java and Talent Madungwe against playing with the name of God saying their recent clash over whether Ginimbi was in heaven or hell was uncalled for and unnecessary.

Passion and Madungwe have proclaimed different ‘prophecies’ over socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s after life status.

Madungwe who has made a name for his weird imagery of heaven was at it again saying Ginimbi and Moana had failed to qualify for heaven.

Passion later made his own ‘prophecy’ saying Ginimbi was in heaven and enjoying life there.

“He is in a place I never expected him to be,” said Java during an interview a local radio.

However Sekuru Banda fumed over the two’s attention seeking antics which he said should not be allowed to go unchallenged.

“They should allow Ginimbi’s soul to rest in peace, it is blasphemous to claim to know what happens in heaven, non of them can claim to be God

“Only God knows what happens in heaven, they have been allowed to get away with their controversial and false prophecies for long,” said Sekuru Banda.

“Kana munhu achinge ashayika tinofanira kunyatsotanga kufungisisa kuti pamwe ndini pamwe ndiwe urikutewera zviii zvakanaka zvavaiyita, uchatarisana seyi na Mwari iwe uri kutamba nezvisingatambike nazvo,” added Sekuru Banda.

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