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Seke road potholes now death trap

Seke road potholes now death trap
DANGER... some motorists have fallen prey to these potholes which have claimed lives along Chitungwiza road.- (Picture by Edward Zvemisha)

Seke road potholes now a death trap

The two-way lane of Seke Road from Chitungwiza to the Harare central business district (CBD) has become a death trap due to potholes.

Seke road potholes now death trap
DANGER… some motorists have fallen prey to these potholes which have claimed lives along Chitungwiza road

The most notable potholes are near the rise towards St Mary’s Police Station after passing Chikwanha, with some near Chinhamo Filling Station, at the Koala Park Butchery and Abattoir turn-off, near the Zororo Memorial Cemetery area and on a stretch of a few kilometers before the Coke Corner.

Driving through the road is now a nightmare as the state of the road continues to deteriorate on daily.

Seke Road is one of the busiest roads that feed into Harare CBD and is reportedly a trunk road jointly maintained by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Harare and Chitungwiza councils.

Chitungwiza Mayor Councillor Lovemore Maiko yesterday said they manage a section of the road from Nyatsime Bridge right through the town.

Clr Maiko said they were going to attend to the potholes on their side of the road soon.

“We have taken note of the issue, and it will be addressed as a matter of urgency among other critical areas that need urgent attention,” he said.

Harare City Council disputed ownership of the road, with acting corporate communications manager Mr Innocent Ruwende saying, “it is a trunk road, therefore, the Ministry of Transport takes care of it.”

Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Joel Biggie Matiza and Zinara spokesperson Mr Augustine Moyo both could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Social media is awash with messages warning drivers of dangerous potholes on the road.

“Beware of deep and dangerous potholes along Seke Road,” reads one of the messages.

“On your way to town, reduce speed and exercise caution. Increase your braking distance so that when the car in front of you dodges a pothole you should be able to see the pothole too.

“Beware of drivers who swerve into your lane when they avoid potholes.”

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