Home Celebs Seh Calaz’s speaks about his @30 reggae album

Seh Calaz’s speaks about his @30 reggae album

Seh Calaz’s speaks about his @30 reggae album

The Zim dancehall chanter who recently turned 3o had a an album to accompany his birthday celebrations which is a reggae album. Many Zimdancehall artists are into ragga, not reggae only a few of them really sit down to make reggae music

Reggae music was the first before ragga, it is from reggae where the then developed to raga. So many youths right now concentrate more on ragga than reggae. So if we find artists who take their time to vibe and release reggae music we salute them.

Seh Calaz has always been a fan of reggae to this date if my memory saves me right, this will be his third reggae album. He loves the genre and he has an album that is sounding good. If you are a reggae person then you have to listen to this album, it will sail you away. He himself had some thoughts on his new project. Check what he had to say…

Hanzi I sound kunge ndine 40years Pabhama 😂😂😂 Take your time kuterera musamhanye hapana akutevera. What’s you fav track apo @30 sofaar🙏🇿🇼Follow the Link kana usati wabata👇👇


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