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Seh Calaz video divide Catholics

Seh Calaz video divide Catholics

Seh Calaz has divided the Roman Catholic Church with his latest video of the song Hossana which was shot at the Assumption of Our Lady Catholic Church Rhodesville in the capital.

Seh Calaz video divide Catholics

The Mumota Murikubvira singer is seen wearing the imitation of a catholic church and also the vestments.

The video which has footage in the Catholic Church has raised eyebrows within the church and its followers.

With many critics flying, a catholic priest Fr Reki Mashayamombe who has contributed much to the creation of the video has quickly defended the talented vocalist citing biblical evidence.

“The history of the catholic church is that it gave birth to what is called circular art or if you want to call it contemporary art be it on painting or sculpture.

“The footprint of the Catholic Church is all over with regards to art or it’s not the first time we have involved ourselves to art.

“The Catholic Church has been involved in promoting art, circular art, Christian art or art of any form.

“The church is a lover of art, so when one has an idea of trying to promote their status or their present life then let it be promoted.

“Even at the time of Michael Angel the church promoted that, he was not a priest but he painted a monument that is celebrated today by the whole world,” he said

He added:

“The audience that we are dealing with it is of different nature, we have an informed audience, a mature informed audience and we have an immature audience, an audience that thinks and perceive it knows but it knows not.

“An audience that thinks it is aware but not aware of anything and an audience that thinks they can do anything but they can’t and we also have a confused audience.

“They don’t know which hand is right and which one is left, they are just confused, they will follow everything even the wind.”

Fr Reki also said it is important to give artiste an opportunity to market themselves and pass their message to people.

“We have a young artiste, a budding artiste who has said I want to involve myself into producing a music video and I want to be depicted as a priest because the song is inviting people to come and worship.

“So it’s an evangelical song to begin with, it’s a song that promotes Christian values.

“When we look at the video the artiste is encouraging couples to be always together and the video is also inviting men to go to church.

“He is calling for a removal of stereotypes which states that women are associated with going to church and men are well known for going to pubs.

‘’This is called male apostolate, his lyrics and the creative video are by very nature evangelical,” he said.

On the question of the church’s clothes Fr Reki said they imitations and it the chanter is just using art to portray the message of inviting people to consecrate their lives to God.

“On that issue, this why explained the issue of audience first, if you are a catholic you will understand what I am saying because the clerical shirt which was worn by Seh Calaz is a make shift.

“It’s not the real clerical shirt and he is an actor trying to show and tell a story.

“The vestments that he was wearing if you really look at it there is a difference between the outer green and inner green it shows that there is disparity so it shows it’s a make shift.

“Even though if it was a genuine vestment, put in mind that he is not a priest but only an actor, how many movies have you watched of people from different nations, South America, Nigeria and Latin America among other countries, where they have acted as brothers or sisters but no one has placed a comment,” he said.


He also cited the examples of the films starring Jesus which does not portray the real son of God.

“They represent the actor, Calaz is not a priest but he is representing a clergy person who is inviting people to worship.

“We need now to understand, let’s marry the video and the audience, get to the situation where we have a frustrated audience, an audience that is always picky, nosy and always up to comment on things that is irrelevant.

“The relevance of the song is dzokai kuna Tenzi munamate Mwari mupe rudo rwenyu kuna Mwari.

“What he is wearing is typically off the mark, anyone who is commenting on the vestments is beating about the bush and they are failing to get the meaning of the song.

“In order to answer those who are not informed we answer them, now what I want you to understand is that it has to do with socio-economic political situation in our country where people can feel they can just answer anyhow.

“I even told you that Highest Score video was released and it was depicting something, the message of a young man was saying I have to work till I get my highest score but his video some people would say it was satanic because of the images.

“Then the following week another person from the same genre acts and depicts as a priest people are commenting and really wonder what people want.


“The video is not against catholic teachings, it is not against the ethos of the church, and the video is not demonising or incriminating the teaching of the sacrament of the church or the art of the church or sacredness or investments of the church.

“In actual fact if we have 100 congregants through that video we will have 300 tomorrow, if you look at that video it is promoting male apostolate, we will have more men coming to church.

“The video is showing young people coming to church and it shows family image.”


“I think as I have stated before in every industry and every genre there are political aspects of negative comments.

“I haven’t heard of the critics but I anticipated they may be they are coming from factions within the genre, nothing has to do with the Christianity.

“It may also have to do with maybe fellow musicians who are not pleased with this good video.”


“I was born and bred a catholic.

“I know everything about the doctorate and I was a server at the church.

“You know I was raised by a grandmother, she would take me to the Catholic Church.

“I am Christian and the video invites people to God.

“I was baptised and went to St Peters school in Mbare.”



Marry Chiwenga nee Mubaiwa is an ex-model and the wife of Vice President of Zimbabwe, Constantino Chiwenga who is a Retired Commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces.


Marry was born in 1983. She is the daughter of Kenny Mubaiwa, who is the Chairman of Dynamos Football Club. She is a mother of 6 children….more here