‘Second hand coffin for sale’, ZIMBO HITS THE HEADLINES IN MZANSI


‘Second hand coffin for sale’, ZIMBO HITS THE HEADLINES IN MZANSI

A Zimbabwean man’s joke on Facebook has thrust him into the media spotlight in South Africa.

'Second hand coffin for sale', ZIMBO HITS THE HEADLINES IN MZANSI

Stanley Kanenungo advertised a coffin on the PE Second-hand Goods Facebook page and was surprised when he received over 100 messages from potential buyers.

“There were people who were serious about it. And others who knew that it was a joke. I received a lot of queries from people who wanted to buy the coffin. People were asking what happened to the first person that was in the coffin‚” said Kanenungo‚ who is shocked at the level of attention the post has received.

The R2‚500 coffin gained the attention of many as the advert has been shared more than 2‚000 times on Facebook.

Kanenungo told people he had “upgraded” the coffin and the original inhabitant was long gone.

“I am a very funny person. I love laughing and I enjoy making people laugh‚” he said. “Sometimes people can be so serious‚ and I wanted to add some comedy in their lives.”
He story has been published in several newspapers including The Times, Sowetan, and now ZiMetro.