School Of Mines Students Demonstrate Over Fees Hike


School Of Mines Students Demonstrate Over Fees Hike

ZIMBABWE School of Mines students have demonstrated against fees hike following a scandal of alleged corruption by the Chief Executive Officer.

School Of Mines Students Demonstrate Over Fees Hike
protesting students at Zimbabwe School of Mines staged a demonstration at the institution protesting alleged poor services at the training college in Bulawayo yesterday.

The students demanded that the institution should be audited like any other institutions complaining that fees was high yet standards were deteriorating.

“We are paying $2 084 tuition fees per semester, but we do not see any developments at the school. They want fees paid in full on the first day, while they are not able to give us the infrastructure that is equal to the fees paid,” a student, who requested anonymity, said.

“Even if you pay half of the required fees, you will not be allowed to register for the examinations.”

Another student said they were being robbed of their attachment money.

“We are not receiving any forms of allowances even on attachment and they expect us to be happy about that. Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund money that is meant for us is never given to us and we ask ourselves, where the money is going to,” a student said.

“Student representatives are mandated to represent us, as students because they were chosen by us. Surprisingly, they are now siding with the administration and failing to represent us as students,” another student said.

Students further demanded that CEO, Dzingai Tusai should resign as he always despise their grievances.

“The CEO has failed us as students because we do not even see the reason why we pay fees. Our institution is only beautiful from the outside and it is not matching the fees that we pay,” he said.

“The institution’s fees is too high and there are no payment plans,” the student leader said.

“Students are not getting value for their money because basic resources are not enough at school. Basically, school equipment is not enough, ranging from the desks, chairs, the equipment does not match the amount of fees being paid.”

The student representative said they have limited powers and that is why they cannot protect fellow students.



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