School Demands $4 000 Fees In US Dollars Only And In Full

Zimbabwe ace school Peterhouse has advised parents of students at the school that next term fees will only be accepted in United States Dollars and full payment of the $4000.

School Demands $4 000 Fees In US Dollars Only And In Full

A circular sent to parents by the school said that it will be refunding all parents who had already paid their fees in advance in RTGS Bond Notes.

The letter from the school reads as follows:


Dear Parents and Guardians,

By now you will have received your child’s fee statement. If you have made a payment which is not reflecting, please contact Peggy Morgan ( or Juliette Kwesha ( as soon as possible, so that we can rectify our records.

If you have any queries regarding charges on your statement, please may you contact Peggy or Juliette asap so that they can assist you.

Fee Clearance Letters were emailed to Parents on Tuesday 16th October for pupils who have a fee statement balance of $200 or less. Fee Clearance Letters will also be issued for those pupils who have a balance greater than $200, but are in line with their Payment Plans with Peterhouse. Please ensure that your child/ren do not return to school after the mid-term break without a Fee Clearance Letter.

It is vital that we always have up to date contact information for each pupil, so please check that the contact information at the bottom of your child’s statement is correct, and if any changes are to be made to them, please advise Sue Heathcote (

Please note that in view of the present uncertainties:

·Peterhouse will not be accepting school fees for 2019 in advance unless payment is made in foreign currency at the following rates:

o PHB/PHG boarding – US$3,850.
o PHG Day Scholar – US$2,300.
o SVH Day Scholar – US$1,855.
o SVH Boarding – US$3,090.
o These values have been arrived at by applying the current 30% discount factor.
o Prepayments can only be made for the Lent term of 2019.

Given that the school cannot hold value for parents with RTGS$ credit balances, all fee and interest accounts in credit will be refunded. This will not apply where payment was made in foreign currency. The Accounts Department will be in liaison with affected parents with regards to bank account details.

The Peterhouse Boys and Girls school shops will be closing at half term for the rest of the term. Please ensure that your children return with stationery and toiletries to take them through to the end of the term.

Top Management and Governors are in discussion on the way forward and parents will be appraised as soon as a way forward has been chartered.

I would like to wish you all an enjoyable half term weekend with your children.

Kind regards,

Mark Whitaker


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