Expensive se_x!

A self-proclaimed man of God in Bulawayo experienced a painful fate when he lost $2 000 to a pro_stitute he had allegedly hired for a $4 “short-time” se_x romp.

A shame-faced Tanaka Hove from Sauerstown suburb who claimed to be a bona fide
member of the Lutheran Church, and that it was also his rst time to “sample” the services of a thigh vendor, dragged to court Lyza Sibanda (35) accusing her of stealing his money.

According to court documents Hove met Sibanda on 8 September at around 4am along Fort Street, between Second and Third Avenues where he was reportedly scouting for se_xual services.

It is reported that Hove engaged Sibanda for se_x after negotiating the price of $4 with her for a “short-time”, before they proceeded to the latter’s lodgings situated along Fort Street, between Second and Third Avenues to have se_xual intercourse.

At her lodgings which she shared with other women it was reportedly busy on the day in question as her roommates had also taken in other men for se_x.

It is alleged that while Hove and Sibanda were enjoying se_x, Hove started complaining that he was unable to climax due to the presence of the people in the house.

He then suggested that the se_xual act be completed in his car which was parked outside.

Following his suggestion they then proceeded to his car and upon arrival Hove asked Sibanda to unlock it from the passenger’s side claiming it could not be opened from the driver’s side.

While inside Sibanda is alleged to have locked herself in and stole her client’s money amounting to $2 000 which was in the cabin.

It is reported that Sibanda knew that there was money in the cabin after she had sight of it when Hove paid her the $4 for her services.

After stealing the money, Sibanda is alleged to have disappeared to her room and nothing was recovered upon her arrest.

During trial, Hove told the court that Sibanda was an “ungrateful” se_x worker who steals from her clients.

Sibanda claimed the unfortunate incident was his first encounter with a lady of the night.

He also claimed Sibanda turned violent and assaulted him when he asked her about his money.

Meanwhile, his testimony materially differed with that of the accused.

In her defence, the accused, through her lawyer, said she did not steal the complainant’s money and indicated that Hove was the one who wanted to kidnap her after freely enjoying her services.

“Realising that the complainant intended to and was in the process of kidnapping her, the accused grabbed the car steering forcing the complainant to bring his car to a halt.

“Accused then jumped off the car, fell on the tarmac and sustained serious injuries on her knees.

Accused ran to the safety of her lodgings thereafter.

“Complainant hatched a plan so as to enable himself to enjoy free se_xual services that the accused offered him and once done, conceived an excuse not to pay for the se_xual services as agreed, which se_xual services complainant has not paid for up to date,” Sibanda’s defence outline reads in part.

At the close of the State’s case, Sibanda’s lawyer said he was going to apply for discharge.

Magistrate Nyaradzo Ringisai who is presiding over the matter deferred it to 9 November for ruling.

The State is being represented by Taurai Hondoyemoto.



Tyra Chikocho is a Zimbabwean gospel musician and comedian who is popularly known as Madam Boss. As a gospel musician she has staged shows alongside Shingisai Suluma, Kudzi Nyakudya and many others.

Chikocho was born on April 10, 1985, at Harare Hospital. She is a beauty therapist by profession. She was married to….more here


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