SAPS In Trouble For Gugu Arrest

Former Unisa employee Gugu Ncube staged a daring protest in the nude on Wednesday. But SAPS are in hot water for how they treated the alleged abuse victim.

Welshman Ncube’s daughter stages protest

Gugu Ncube staged an emotional one-woman protest outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Wednesday, claiming that she was forced to quit her job at the University of South Africa (Unisa) after allegedly being raped by a colleague. Her decision to go nude was, in her words, because “she had been stripped of her dignity”.

She turned up to the iconic venue wearing just her underwear and a pair of shoes. Ncube also carried with her a powerful message, written onto a placard. It outlines her version of events, saying that her resignation was staged and her rapist had bribed the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA):

“President Ramaphosa: The police are used to intimidate and harass me. I was raped and sexually harassed by a Unisa employee. I spoke out, then they lied and said I resigned. The commissioner of the CCMA has taken a bribe from the perpetrator.”Gugu Ncube

Her demonstration drew incredible support from South Africans online. But it was the personnel in public who weren’t so kind to her. SAPS officers eventually arrested Gugu Ncube and charged her with public indecency. The cops have been accused of being insensitive towards her concerns, but also received criticism for their heavy-handedness.

A video of the brave protester being dragged away by six officers ended up going viral. She screams at the cops, demanding to be heard by President Cyril Ramaphosa before they haul her into the back of a police van headed for Sunnyside Police Station.

Social media weighs in

The reaction to the footage has been overwhelmingly sympathetic towards the alleged victim. Many feel that a double-standard has been raised about public nudity: The consensus suggests that certain celebrity entertainers can get away with it, but people like Ncube are punished for the same behaviour.

Ncube, who’s the daughter of Zimbabwe’s MDC Party Deputy President Welshman Ncube, also claimed that her manager at Unisa blackmailed her into se_x, threatening to fire her if she didn’t comply. The police’s reaction has not sat well with onlookers, many of whom feel that the victim is being suppressed.



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