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Sanyangore links Covid-19 to Israelites era

…it was foretold hundreds of years ago

Controversial cleric Pastor Paul Sanyangore has linked the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic to the times of the Israelites on their verge to depart Egypt under King Pharao.

Sanyangore who had been plying his ministry in the Asian side, referred everything to the East versus the West.

He made the remarks during a spiritual update on the global pandemic which has caused havoc in the world.

“It’s not coming from a vision or a dream that I had like, others would say.

“I am going to extract a prophecy concerning what we are going through right now from the bible.

“I want to show that there are things that happened in the bible hundreds of years ago.

“When these things were happening, they were happening to explain the things we are experiencing right now.

“The book of Exodus chapter 10 vs 13, I will try and show you where it is in the bible.,” said Sanyangore.

He related all the transgressions to the biblical journey of the Israelites to Caanan.

“The Exodus story is a mirror of the story of Christ rapturing the church, there were conditions that were created for the Israelites to be taken and I said Egypt is the earth, the world, Israel is the church, Moses is Christ.

“From one of the plagues that ravaged Egypt, I will show you the pandemic.

“From one of the plagues, we gonna see God prophesying the pandemic and what we are supposed to do.

“When Covid-19 started, where did it come from, the East, when this wind came, there is something it did, it blew day and night, why the night, because everyone will be sleeping.

“Something was cooking, and this thing has been cooked from the East, I will not say who cooked it up,” he added.

The cleric said the solution is coming but with violence.

“We want a solution, it’s a plague in the time of Moses and its gonna explain what is happening now.

“The locusts there, that’s the virus, have you ever heard about Covid before, the locusts ate everything, what is Covid doing right now, its eating up everything.

“Do you know that Governments are on their knees right now and the solution came from the West, right now where is the vaccine coming from.

“From the East, comes the locusts, and from the West comes the vaccine.

“But there is violence behind this wind bringing the solution,” Sanyangore reiterated.

Sanyangore is now holding his services on his Facebook page Paul Sanyangore every Sundays.