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“Sandra Ndebele Was Asked To Join Government Not Party”


“Sandra Ndebele Was Asked To Join Government Not Party”

The ruling ZANU PF has said Sandra Ndebele was not invited to join the party but to join efforts by the government to enhance economic growth.

Zanu-PF women’s league in Bulawayo recently appointed Sandra Ndebele as the Bulawayo representative for young women in Economic Development.

Ndebele in 2018 endorsed Zanu-PF and its presidential candidate, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, as she appeared at the party’s youth convention in Gweru where she spoke on behalf of artists.

Introduced as “Cde”, Ndebele responded by chanting the Zanu-PF slogan “ED-PFee” before thousands of Zanu-PF supporters.

She went on to praise and lobby Mnangagwa to solve challenges that are affecting the arts sector which include piracy, women abuse and culture policy among other issues.

She said although the government had done well in promoting local content, the artists were still being neglected.

Her recent appointment infuriated some members of the public who said the musician had made a wrong turn.

Following the backlash, the ruling party then posted on Twitter refuting claims that Ndebele had joined the ruling party. Said ZANU PF via a Twitter handle ZANU PF Patriots:

We appreciate this Zimbabwean Cde Chinomona did not ask Sandra Ndebele to join ZANU PF, but join Government’s efforts in pursuit of economic development.

Cde Chinomona is encouraging Zimbabwean women to get loans from women bank, she says loans are available to all women despite their political affiliation.

A number of musicians, celebrities and public figures, especially in the arts industry have often been criticised for “being political.”

Previously, Winky D, Jah Prayzah, Thomas Mapgumo, Oliver Mtukudzi, Sulumani Chimbetu and others have paid the price or benefitted from being associated with either the ruling party or the opposition.

Thomas Mapfumo, for instance, gained popularity for singing Chimurenga songs during the colonial era which were very political. The same person is in exile for denouncing corruption during the Robert Mugabe era.

Jah Prayzah’s song, Kutonga Kwaro, associated with President Mnangagwa, reportedly got him lots of money and the same song later earned him enmity from supporters of the opposition who had previously danced to it.

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