On Monday the 25th of June, 2018 the Edmonton Rotary Club Urban Spirit of Alberta and Canada donated USD2 700 classroom furniture to Samahuru Adventist High School in Tsholotsho Rural District of Zimbabwe. The equipment was handed over to the school by a local organisation, the Collin Nyabadza Children’s Voice Charitable Trust (CNCVCT).


The CNCVCT, whose main thrust is to help enhance the quality of education in some of the country’s disadvantaged rural schools, had approached the Canadians for help with a grant. The Canadians responded positively to the request and thus a cheque was mailed to Zimbabwe.


The event saw the teachers, children and parents of the school come together to express their gratitude. Prior to this donation Samahuru like most schools in the district had been experiencing a critical shortage of classroom furniture resulting in the students having to squeeze tightly together on the few pieces of benches available.



The students at the school were elated at this kind gesture from the Canadians. Speaking on behalf of his fellow students, the school’s Head Boy, Michael Dube said, “I really wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the Edmonton Rotary Club Urban Spirit in Canada for listening to our plight.

For the first time we will now be able to sit and write properly in class. It has been a very difficult experience having to sit either on the floor or on pieces of metal in class. This makes one very disheartened. I therefore wish other schools in the vicinity could receive the same assistance that we got today”.


Despite the acute shortage of learning resources, Samahuru Adventist High School has been performing very well academically. In Mr. Muziwandile Dube, the disadvantaged rural school boasts of very sound leadership under his guidance. Since his arrival in 2011, he has managed to implement a number of initiatives aimed at improving the teaching and learning environment in the school.

“I am very fortunate to be leading a dedicated and devoted team of teachers and parents who are very keen on seeing their children get better learning facilities. I am also very grateful to the Edmonton Rotary Club Urban Spirit for their kindness towards our school. Their assistance could not have come at a better time than this. It’s very difficult to conduct examinations when the children do not have chairs to sit on. This donation has therefore made our situation much bearable. I am sure the children are more than looking forward to examination time as they would be able to sit comfortably”, said Mr. Dube.


Speaking from his base in Canada the CNCVCT Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Collin Nyabadza said, “I wish to convey my profound thanks to the Edmonton Rotary Club Urban Spirit for having demonstrated their faith in our organisation. We will continue engaging such organisations in our quest to help improve the quality of education in some of our country’s most disadvantaged rural schools. I strongly feel together with such organisations we can reach out to more impoverished children and their schools. In development work we ought to be partners and not competitors”.



For more about the work of the Collin Nyabadza Children’s Voice Charitable Trust they could be visited at, https://www.childrensvoicezimbabwe.org At the moment they are in the process of constructing a 1×2 classroom block at Sishawe Primary School in Bubi Rural District. The project is already at roofing level and Mr. Nyabadza took this opportunity to appeal to well wishers in helping furnish the two new classrooms once they are done.

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