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Sam Holdings trucks on auction – “What happened?”

South Africa is in shock! The country found out that Sam Holdings Trucks are being auctioned off. Details are not clear yet as to what has actually happened to the company.

However, South Africans have reacted with shock to the sudden news as dozens of trucks went on auction. Sam Holdings is owned by Sam Mshengu, a wealthy South African businessman. His estimated net worth is R4 million.

ZiMetro News took a look at what Mzansi had to say about the sudden news of Sam Holdings’ trucks on auction.

Here are some more reactions to the news:

Sam Mshengu is a South African based businessman and the brains behind Sam Holdings. He was born on 15 December 1995. He hails from Makwarela, Venda, South Africa.

Sam Mshengu is popularly known for his flashy lifestyle with some South Africans referring to him as the ‘trucker millionaire.’ Sam Mshengu of Sam Holdings began his road to riches at the age of 11 when he worked as a farm boy in Limpopo’s Orange farm.

He developed an admirable work ethic while at his job and attracted the attention of his boss, who later gave the young Mshengu his trust.

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