Home LOCAL NEWS Sad scenes: Police Officer Spotted In Zimbabwe

Sad scenes: Police Officer Spotted In Zimbabwe

Sad scenes: Police Officer Spotted In Zimbabwe

Despite how they deal with citizens who stand up and speak up against Zimbabwe’s corruption, Events, and scenes from police camps, streets even the basic commodities queues have proved that police officers are not spared by the hardships.

A photo that has gone wild on the internet shows a police officer in uniforms carrying a sack whilst in uniform which is classified as ‘disrespecting the uniform’.

Zimbabwe has been hit by runaway hyperinflation and a rapidly devaluing currency, Zimbabweans are watching their earnings evaporate.

In a country where unemployment has reached an estimated 90 percent, some university graduates of political science and public administration have recently had to settle for jobs selling onions in Mbare Musika, a fruit and vegetable market just outside Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.

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