Home Celebs Sabastian Magacha defends ‘outrageous’ outfit

Sabastian Magacha defends ‘outrageous’ outfit

Sabastian Magacha defends ‘outrageous’ outfit

Pint-sized gospel musician Sabastian Magacha has defended and explained the outfit he wore at the online lockdown show hosted by Adam Molai Foundation on Ngoda TV’s social media channel over the weekend.

The outfit left fans talking.

It seems the musician knows what the fans want and tries to ride on controversial subjects that always make him talk of the town.

In an interview, Magacha did not deny that it was a comeback strategy and that he believes paid off.

“This was my first lockdown show and I give thanks to Adam Molai who came up with the concept and supported the event. I wanted to have an impact. I gave my fans what they wanted and I disown claims that it was some illuminati creativity but we should understand and adjust to environment that art is not only about lyrical but being creativity.

I am a force to be reckoned with and I am much surprised if artistes from West and European do the same on their musical videos or even online platform we seem to praise and urge our own to emulate yet alone if it is back home it lacks support,” he said.

The “Ridza Bhosvo” hitmaker said there was more to come and the outfit was inspired by God.

“I am not saying I am God but the outfit was inspired by Him. The wings that people saw are not actually wings but represented horns. Biblically when God was anointing someone, horns would be used as an oil vessel, (gonamombe). The same horns resemble my music. The crown I wore represented ‘kingsmanship’. It was made by Jasper Mandizera who is well known for making Vimbai Zimuto’s outfit,” he said.

Magacha brought his seven-year-old nephew Kyle on stage who surprised many as they sang together.

Some of the songs he performed include, ‘Bosvo’, “Gwenzi’, “Heal our Land’, Saba prayer” and “Makaponesa Mweya Wangu’ among others together with his energetic live band African Joy.

He later released a musical video the following day on the song “Tungamira,” which he said: “As the title itself, God lead me in everything that I do including my plans. Even though the enemy might be cunning and trying to destroy me, no weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

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