#SabaChallenge goes out of hand: Pictures.

Saba’s outfit has sparked a #challenge for him and it has taken social media with a storm. The outfit, a dress-like robe, is part of his new clothing line yet to be unveiled to the public. Critics have even gone an extra mile to brand the musician gay because of the feminine look of his clothes. “We decided to add a kente tail to give it an African Flair,” he said.

Magacha ZIMETROThe “one plus one” hitmaker said men’s robes are common in many parts of the world, including Nigeria, Islamic countries and Ireland. “I am a creative person. The clothing line is one of the many creative things that I am working on. The collection has various items that we will release as time progresses, and this particular attire is mostly a suit.

Many criticized the outfit for stating that it was too feminine and rather ‘ungodly’ especially for a gospel artist of his calibre. The line was received with mixed reactions with some urging him to go on and some telling him to drop the idea. As a result, people have started doing #SabaChallenge. Check out the pics below…

1Sabastian Magacha Challenge