SA results counting: ANC drops below 50% in Gauteng.

The ruling party currently sits at 49.61%, with the DA at 28.36 percent and the EFF at 13.9%. FF+, with 3.91%, is currently the fourth biggest party in the province. Over 80% of the votes have now been counted. The ANC has dropped below 50% in Gauteng as counting of the votes enters its final phase.


Vote counting in Gauteng, however, has not yet reached the 60% mark. It is important to note that votes in parts of Gauteng known as ANC strongholds, including parts of Soweto, have not yet been counted. Nationally, the ANC has slipped just below the 57% mark it reached earlier, and currently sits at 56.98%.

The DA currently has 21.79% nationally, with the EFF sitting at 10.10%. The IFP with 3.19% is currently fourth, with the FF+ at fifth with 2.47%. In the Western Cape, the DA sits at 55.38%, with the ANC at 28.70% and the EFF at 4.01%.

Patricia De Lille’s Good, contesting elections for the first time, is currently at fourth place in the province with 3% of the vote. In KwaZulu-Natal, the ANC has 53.22%, with the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) in second place at 17.42% and the DA in third with 14.53%. The EFF, with 9%, is currently fourth.


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