S.e.x boosting drugs becoming a hit in Harare streets


S.e.x boosting drugs becoming a hit in Harare streets.

The Daily News reports that there’s an increasingly thriving street business of s.e.x-enhancing drugs in Harare. Most of the drugs, however, are said to be fake. Part of the report reads: Most of the drugs are imported from India and China. And their prizes range from $2 each to $12 each.

Fake PillsAccording to the report, men and women are selling the drugs, which are supplied from India and China, to male pedestrians and motorist on the streets.

The packets of the drugs, from metallic to those in paper and plastic, have depictions of brazenly exaggerated photos of the erect male organ on the packets. They also have lewd and suggestive names like Blue Diamond, Silver Bullet, Spanish fly, Vuka-Vuka, Chao Jimengnan, Desire, Wild Horse and Super Powerful Man, Super Lion, Bangbros, Double Man, Dragon Power and S.e.x Promo.

There are also some products targeting women, among them soaps meant to ‘restore virginity’, lotions and skin lightening creams. As these are unregulated, buyers are exposed to health risks from the use of medicines and lotions.



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