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Roy Bennett Foundation Offers Support To 31 July Protestors

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The Roy Bennett Foundation has offered financial, medical and legal assistance to organisers and participants in the planned July 31st anti-corruption demonstrations.

In a statement, the Roy Bennett Foundation executive secretary Kurt Louis Heyns said the foundation would offer support to all political activists who will be arrested for calling for, and participating in the planned demonstrations. Said, Heyns:

For any form of assistance, be it financial, medical or legal, please feel free to hint us through WhatsApp on the following number +260 7642 74272 and our team in Zimbabwe will be ready to assist.

The organisation was founded by the Late Honourable Roy Leslie Bennett who was a radical and fearless pro-democracy politician and business giant.

As part of his wishes to promote the above objects, he allocated a big share of his billion-dollar worth Estate to this foundation.

… In that spirit, we wish to pledge financial support to all political activists who will and those that have been persecuted for the call to express the constitutional right to demonstrate on the 31 July 2020 National Protest.

The late Roy Bennette joined politics in 2000 and won a parliamentary seat for the newly formed Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

A coffee farmer who was fluent in Shona, Bennette became the MDC treasurer and earned the nickname Pachedu (“between us”), which is a colloquial reference to childhood secrets.

After leaving Zimbabwe a few years ago, Bennette migrated to the United States of America.

He died with his wife, Heather, in a helicopter crash which killed three other people, in a mountainous area in the US state of New Mexico.

Source | The Anchor


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