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Role of PSC’s Legal Services, Corporate Affairs and Protocol Agency

Role of PSC’s Legal Services, Corporate Affairs and Protocol Agency

Role of PSC’s Legal Services, Corporate Affairs and Protocol Agency

The Legal Services, Corporate Affairs and Protocol Agency makes sure that the Public Service Commission is run according to the laws, policies and regulations of Zimbabwe. The Agency keeps a record of Commission meetings, interviews and decisions. The Agency also looks after all administrative matters to do with higher levels of the Public Service, including preparing their letters of appointment, keeping track of their transport requirements, dates for the renewal of their contracts and so forth.

The Agency provides protocol services, making sure that proper arrangements are made for officials of the Commission when they attend special events. Those arrangements include receiving the officials when they arrive, showing them where they will sit and giving them information about the programme.

The Agency has three departments, namely: Legal Services; Corporate Affairs; and Protocol.

Legal Services

The Legal Services department provides legal advice to the Public Service Commission and to the Uniformed Service Commissions to make sure that the laws of Zimbabwe are followed when things are done and when decisions are made.

Advice is also given in disciplinary matters where the Commission is leading the disciplinary process and where civil servants ask the Commission to check the fairness of decisions made by their Ministries on their complaints or on accusations against them.

When the Commission does this, it follows section 51 of the Public Service Regulations, Statutory Instrument 1 of 2000. That regulation also allows a civil servant who is not happy with the outcome to take the matter to the Labour Court.

Where the Commission has been named in court cases, the department drafts the necessary responses and gives instructions to the Attorney General’s Office which then represents the Commission in court.

The department also handles court cases in which the Uniformed Service Commissions are named. When the court judgments come, the department explains to the Commissions what those judgments mean, and what action they are expected to take.

When new laws that guide the work of the Public Service are being introduced, the department prepares documents and discusses them with the office of the Attorney General before they are sent to Cabinet or to Parliament.

Legal Services is responsible for drafting and checking contracts and other agreements between the Public Service Commission and third parties to make sure the law has been followed in full. In doing this, the department makes sure that the Commission is protected from risks.

The department assists the Human Capital Development and Management Agency whenever necessary in educating public servants on the latest Public Service regulations and procedures.

Corporate Affairs

The Corporate Affairs Department deals with administrative matters that affect public servants who serve at high levels. The department also manages meetings of the Commission, including interviews. It drafts and circulates documents for meetings after the Secretary has looked at them and agreed that they should be passed on to Commissioners. The department also prepares minutes of meetings held by the Commission.

Ahead of interviews, the department contacts the people to be interviewed to inform them of the details of the interview, such as what time it will be held and what form the interview will take. During interviews, the department takes notes of the questions and answers to help the Commissioners when they discuss each candidate after the interview. Once the Commission decides which candidates are successful, the list is shared with other departments so that the next step is taken.

Administrative matters that affect higher level officials are handled by the Corporate Affairs Department. These may be transport issues, questions about contracts or arrangements for retirement.


The department provides protocol services and makes protocol arrangements for all Commission events, as well as for the participation of representatives of the Commission at national and other events. The department is also responsible for making arrangements for members of the Commission when they travel to other countries. Those arrangements include ensuring that officials know the weather and other conditions they will find where they are going, and arrive at the airport on time. Protocol officers, with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, book waiting lounges and check-in the official passengers at the airport. The department communicates with Zimbabwe’s embassies and consulates, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, to make sure that Commission officials will be properly received when they arrive at their destination.

All in all, the Legal Services, Corporate Affairs and Protocol Agency is there to make sure that things go according to the law, policies and regulations, to make sure that the Commission follows expected protocol procedures when organising or attending events, and that proper administrative support is given to senior officials of Government.

Next week we discuss the Public Service Commission’s Support Services Agency.

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