Robots blamed for Borrowdale accident

Robots blamed for Borrowdale accident

A bid to beat a haulage truck by a small truck at a traffic lights intersection at corner Harare Drive and Borrowdale Road yesterday claimed five lives when the two vehicles collided.

Robots blamed for Borrowdale accident

The injured were rushed to Parirenyatwa where H-Metro tracked and witnessed them receiving treatment despite the unsanctioned strike by some of the doctors.

National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the accident urging motorists to be patient and exercise caution when approaching traffic lights.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm the accident that claimed five and injured 11 passengers along Borrowdale Road yesterday,” said Ass Comm Nyathi.

“A haulage truck which was facing east along Harare Drive collided with a truck that was traveling along Borrowdale Road from Harare to Domboshava.

“Reports received so far show that the drivers failed to observe rules and regulations of the road when they approached traffic lights that were not working.

“This resulted in a collision and lives were lost.

“We are urging motorists to respect the sanctity of lives by observing road rules and regulations,” said Ass Comm Nyathi.

H-Metro established from a witness Walter Chinogaramombe that at around 6am, the pickup truck was transporting people to Domboshava and the driver tried to beat a haulage truck at the intersection of Harare Drive and Borrowdale Road leading to the collision.

The haulage truck was coming from Zambia and the truck rammed into it, on the side with the fuel tank.

“When these trucks collided, people sitting at the back of the truck were thrown out and landed heavily onto the tar mac.

“Four men and one woman died while carrying her baby but the baby survived.

“This woman was sitting in front along with the driver and the driver escaped unhurt because he avoided colliding on his side.

“Driver akanorovera ne kwakange kune mukadzi ne mwana, abva azobuda akabata mwana wacho.

“Mumwe atsikwa musoro ne vhiri re Gonyeti brain ikaenda panze.

“The driver was carrying people to Domboshava and he tried to pass through the robots first then he rammed into the truck,” said Walter.

Another witness, Kuda Chinogaramombe said the pickup truck failed to apply breaks until he collided with the haulage truck.

“The haulage truck driver swaved away from the pickup truck to avoid the impact but it was too late.

“The truck driver was the last to leave the scene, he did not speed off as what is being alleged by some people,” he said.

H-Metro spoke to Primrose Zaranyika, wife to one survivor Custon Kativu admitted at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

She said her husband boarded the truck at Sam Levy’s Village where he works.

“The kombis were charging $6 and the truck came along charging $3 and that’s how he got himself into this accident.

“There are no doctors to attend to him and we have been told to go for a scan but it seems there are no resources here and now his head is swelling,” she said.

Motorists at the scene expressed concern over the robot that has not been working for over two weeks saying it has contributed to the road accident.

Kudakwashe Shagwa a vendor at the robots selling maize cobs said he has been doing his business there for three years and the accident of that magnitude is a first.

“This week alone we have seen about three accidents because of the robots that have not been working.

“If the authorities can hurry up to fix the robots, it would be a relief, maybe it’s because of Zesa.

“I have not seen such kind of an accident for the past three years I have been here,” said Shagwa.

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