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Robbery Hit Maker ‘Freeman’ Knew Slain Robber

Robbery Hit Maker 'Freeman' Knew Slain Robber

Robbery Hit Maker ‘Freeman’ Knew Slain Robber

Zimbabwe dancehall artiste, Freeman, says he personally knew one of the robbers who was gunned down in the recent Chadcombe shoot-out as a fan and voluntary show bouncer.

The HKD boss cleared the air after a screen-shot of himself and one of the robbers Charles Chirara hugging, went viral.

He said Chirara, who was shot dead by former CID detective Joseph Nemaisa, used to attend his shows as a fan.

He, however, said he was not aware that Chirara was a robber, since he doesn’t read much into his fans’ private lives.

Reads the screen-shot circulating on social media:

“Freeman HKD Boss is seen with one of the robbers, who was shot and killed last week at a house in Chadcombe. Is it by coincidence that he hangs around with robbers and his album is named Robbery?”

Following the circulation of the message, Freeman decided to clear the air in an interview with H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle.

“I have seen the screen-shot which is circulating on social media, but, I didn’t know that Charles was an armed robber.

“He used to attend my live shows asking for photographs and even helping as a bouncer since he came from a security background.

“I was only surprised when I read in the press that he was part of the armed robbers.

“As a musician, sometimes, I don’t mind who supports me be it a prostitute, robber or murderer because all I want are fans and not personality,” he said.

The Joina City hitmaker said his phone has been inundated with calls asking about the same screen-shot.

“I have received a lot of calls and I have been telling the fans that I knew this man as a fan who used to attend my shows but I didn’t know him as an armed robber,” he said.

Asked whether it was a coincidence that he named his latest album Robbery, he explained:

“Jah man, that picture was taken in 2016 and people are only circulating it now so it’s clear that it was not intentional at all.

“In life we have pictures that are posted depending on the situation.

“In fact fans will be waiting for the perfect time to post those pictures or videos.”

Meanwhile, Freeman described 2021 as an eventful year where he learned to diversify.

“It was a tough year but we learned quite a lot, especially diversifying and trying other things to bring food on the table,” he said.

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