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Robbers pounce at border!

Robbers pounce at border!

Zimbabweans returning from South Africa are reportedly being robbed at the Beitbridge Border Post on their way back home for the festive season.

“The Beitbridge border post in Limpopo is pure chaos at the moment, with Covid-19 restrictions adding to the issue”

Buses, motorists and trucks have been in queues for days at the border post. The delays have created room for criminals who are taking advantage of the situation.

On Wednesday, two Munenzwa buses had passengers robbed of money, cell phones and several gadgets. Speaking to H-Metro, the director of Munenzwa Bus Company, Regis Ginya, said he was still in shock after receiving news that people were being robbed at the border.

“I have received news that people who are on our buses have been robbed of their valuables. “People are spending more than two days at the borders and they will be queuing for a long time.

“Robbers are taking advantage of the situation; from the reports I have, they are targeting trucks and buses. “They are pretty sure returning residents have money and cell phones,” he said.

He added:

“Reports have been made and the police just came and took notes and left. “Everyone is just stuck at the border. The South African side is taking ages to clear people. “From the look of things, people will spend more days at the border.”


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