Robber caught with snake


Robber caught with snake

‘. . . my snakes make you rich’

A SUSPECTED robber was caught in possession of a black mamba which he claims he uses to acquire wealth for his clients who want to become rich.

Robber caught with snake

Stunning claims by the man, Eddison Mhembere, are that if a snake he uses to bless a client dies in the forest then the person seeking wealth would also die. The approximately one and a half metre long snake was found after the police raided him over a robbery case in which he is implicated.

Eddison also claimed that the snakes he tames had supernatural powers that protect him from being arrested after committing robberies.

He rues being caught saying the snake he had failed to protect him; he said he got the dangerous mamba in Bulawayo.

Robber caught with snake

“I don’t know what went wrong because I don’t always get caught. I am protected by the powers I have but I can’t explain what has happened,” he said.

Eddison said he got the power to tame snakes from his late grandfather.

“I was given supernatural powers by my grandfather to tame snakes.

“The snakes acquire wealth for my clients as well to get them to be promoted at their workplaces.

“I don’t keep these snakes. I get a snake in the bush and then transfer ancestral spirits of a client onto that snake and after that I take the snake back into the bush where it stays.

“The snake will bring wealth and good luck to the client but when the snake dies it means that the client will die also.

“I have been doing this for more than a year now and I have six snakes that I have used to perform these kinds of rituals.

“This snake you see here I got it from Bulawayo and it is a dangerous snake but to me it is not harmful at all,” he said.

Chief Superintendent Mujiwa Sekayi (Officer Commanding Chitungwiza District) confirmed the arrest of Eddison who was implicated in a robbery case as well as breaching the Zimbabwe National Parks Act.

Robber caught with snake
Chief Superintendent Mujiwa Sekayi (Officer Commanding Chitungwiza District)

“One of our operatives received information that one of the suspects who was part of a gang perpetrating robberies was in Chitungwiza.

“Upon following up to that information that suspect was picked and fortunately he led to the arrest of three other suspects to make them four.

“Among them was one person (Edson) found in possession of a snake which was one and half meters long.

“They were all arrested and they have been taken to CID Murewa for further investigations and the snake has been handed over to the Department of National Parks.

“Apart from the robbery case, Eddison is also facing another count of contravening a section of the Zimbabwe National Parks Act,” he said.

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