ROAD RAGE :MOTORIST KNOCKS DOWN OFFICER AFTER BEING STOPPED AT 8 ROADBLOCKS | A motorist who knocked down a policewoman at a roadblock saying he was frustrated for being stopped for the eighth time on the same road was Monday caged 36 months for attempted murder.


Jimu Sigauke Bahari, 29, of 33 of Zengeza 1, Chitungwiza pleaded guilty to attempted murder charges when he appeared before magistrate Livingstone Chipadze.Bahari knocked down Theodora Chiparawasha, 32, at 162km-peg Harare-Mutare road.

Asked why he committed the offence, Bahari said “Your Worship I beg for leniency I was frustrated by close to 10 roadblocks which I came across. From Harare I was stopped eight times”.

But in his ruling, Chipadza said such kind of behaviour must not be tolerated and therefore it was also the duty of the court to protect on duty officers.

“If we allowed motorists to drive their cars towards police officers especially when they are frustrated, that will be disastrous,” said Chipadza.

Prosecutors told the court that on May 18 this year around 1300hrs, Chiparawasha was on traffic enforcement duty, in the company of Sergeant Mutatiwa, Constables Mwonzora, Lavia and Goshomi when she saw Bahari overtaking on a continuous white line with his navy blue Toyota Wish.

She then signaled him to stop.

Bahari was asked to produce his driver’s licence and he produced a photocopy claiming that he had left the original at home.

Chiparawasha then went to the front of the vehicle to check for some other defects on the car and she called her colleague to assist.In the process, Bahari moved his vehicle towards the cop and hit her.

Chiparawasha was thrown on to the bonnet and she clung to the wipers as Bahari moved back and forth in an attempt to shake and throw the cop from the bonnet.He then drove for about 600metres whilst Chiparawasha was clinging to the wipers.

Constables Lavia and Mwonzora gave a chase using a well-wisher’s car and managed to catch up with Bahari`s car.

During the scuffle, Chiparawasha lost her left shoe, a cap and traffic books. She also sustained injuries on her left palm.



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