Former Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo has issued out a rigging alert as Zimbabweans await historic presidential election results.

‘Prof Moyo bloodshed threats cannot be ignored’

Below are eight tweets from Moyo highlighting the rigging that is going on while the nation waits for the official announcement:

“1/8 After yesterday’s historic vote for change, and after results posted outside polling stations across the country showed +/- 60% of the vote for  #NelsonChamisa, there are overnight developments that point to a plot to subvert the will of the people!”

“2/8 Mnangagwa was given the results posted outside polling stations, in the wee hours. His camp was subdued throughout the night after it received the disappointing polling station results. There was lots of blame-pointing within the camp. A scramble for “Plan B” ensued!”

“3/8 As part of the scramble for “Plan B”, some ZEC commissioners, including its chairperson Chigumba, have been briefing selected journalists & diplomats since early this morning to plant a staggering backroom narrative that Mnangagwa “will win” by between 53% & 55% of the vote.”

“4/8 At her first media briefing this morning, Chigumba said ZEC had received results only from four provinces as counting was still going on in the others. Yet by this time, Chigumba & ZEC had already given backroom briefs to some journalists & diplomats about “a Mnangagwa win”!”

“5/8 ZEC’s backroom briefing to selected journalists & diplomats is illegal. What’s worse is the briefing started before ZEC told the nation at its first media briefing today that it had results only from four provinces. I repeat emphatically, Chigumba was part of the briefing!”

“6/8 It should be noted that in a number of constituencies where ZanuPF won the parliamentary seat, #NelsonChamisa  carried the presidential vote. The information posted outside polling stations showed Chamisa had well over 2 million votes. Something sinister appears to be afoot!”

“7/8 ZEC’s lack of transparency continues to blight this election. It’s underhanded briefing to selected journalists & diplomats to announce a result before it has received votes from six provinces deserves urgent attention of election observers & the voters to protect their vote!”

“8/8 This facility is important for voters & polling agents to use as but one way of defending & protecting the vote. Too many elections have been stolen in Zimbabwe before. It would be tragic if this one suffers the same fate. Transparency is necessary to avoid a tragic outcome!”



Marry Chiwenga nee Mubaiwa is an ex-model and the wife of Vice President of Zimbabwe, Constantino Chiwenga who is a Retired Commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces.


Marry was born in 1983. She is the daughter of Kenny Mubaiwa, who is the Chairman of Dynamos Football Club.She is a mother of 6 children….more here



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