Rick Ross has been hospitalised after he was found unresponsive in his Florida home. TMZ reports that Ross is hooked up to a medical machine that has taken over the role of his heart and lungs.


He is currently being treated in the cardio unit of a Miami area hospital. The report concludes saying, “It’s essentially a form of life support, and a clear sign of how dire Rick’s situation is right now.”

The rapper was hospitalised when police and emergency teams were called to his home. The Davie Police Department confirmed the medical crisis to Billboard.

Ross has had a long history of suffering from seizures in the past, which he credited to a lack of sleep. The dispatch record obtained by Billboard says the 911 caller noticed the MMG boss was “slobbing from the mouth” and “nodding his head” after several attempts at waking up the 42-year-old. Local police were alerted to the situation when Ross became
“combative” with medics.

Police stated they got involved when “Fire Rescue 65 [requested police] to step it up, which means need to come faster in reference to a combative patient.” Sgt.

Leone, head of media and public relations, said since “Police officers arrived at 3:43 AM and cleared at 3:47 AM. I can speculate that we didn’t get involved. We didn’t write a report on it.”