Home LOCAL NEWS Retailer Loses Nearly ZW$2 Million Worth Of Goods To Fraudster

Retailer Loses Nearly ZW$2 Million Worth Of Goods To Fraudster

Retailer Loses Nearly ZW$2 Million Worth Of Goods To Fraudster

Retailer Loses Nearly ZW$2 Million Worth Of Goods To Fraudster

A local retail outlet, Brand Port Private Limited, is counting losses after it gave away goods worth $1 777 814 to a suspected fraudster after being shown a fake bank transfer.

NewZimbabwe reports that the suspected fraudster is a man named Eric Mbunga who has since been arrested and appeared before magistrate Judith Taruvinga Friday, who remanded him out of custody on $10 000.

He is expected back in court on October 5.

It is the State’s case that on August 13, 2021, Mbunga allegedly went to the complainant’s business place in the company of his accomplice Owen Pfani who is still at large.

It is alleged that Mbunga was introduced as a potential customer by the name Solomon Ramazani.

Mbunga pretended as if he wanted a quotation for various products of personal care and beverages.

He was given a quotation of $1 777 814.00 which he said he would pay through a bank transfer.

Mbunga was given the banking details and later that day sent two proof of payment slips in the form of Funds transfer receipt through the WhatsApp platform.

The first transaction had a total amount of $750 000-00 and the second with $1 027 814-00 with the same reference number GT20617GHPXW, sender name being S. Tsika.

On August 14, the complainant was told that the goods had to be supplied at corner Charter and Harare Street.

Warehouse manager Fungai Mashita was then ordered to deliver the products at the supplied address.

Upon arrival, Pfani – Mbunga’s accomplice, instructed the products to be offloaded at the pavement of Go Liquor Bottle store indicating that the person with the keys to the shop was not available.

Pfani signed the delivery note after all the goods were supplied.

On August 16 and again on 17, the complainant checked for the payment made by the accused person through internet banking and the payment was not reflecting.

He tried to contact Mbunga and Pfani on their numbers but they were both not reachable.

On August 18, the complainant checked with NMB bank for the account number on the proof of payment and was told that the account does not exist.

Nothing have been recovered.

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