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Responses To Harare’s Plans To Deploy Debt Collectors

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Harare Zimbabwe

Responses To Harare’s Plans To Deploy Debt Collectors

Harare City Council has announced plans to deploy debt collectors, saying the move will improve service delivery in the capital.

Local government authorities are also planning to disconnect defaulting ratepayers to compel them to pay their dues.

The local authority said:

_It’s true Harare City Council is on a drive to collect all the money it is owed by residents. The council has been under attack for poor service delivery because it has not been fully enforcing debt collection._

_There is no war against residents. Actions towards debt collection should be viewed in the positive because the net effect is to ensure residents receive services. Non-payment of bills kills service delivery, brings diseases and erases progress that has been achieved to date._

The announcement attracted some responses on social media. We have presented some of the responses below.

One Taskmaster said:

_They (debt collectors) should simultaneously collect rubbish while they’re at it_

Lenon Mundeta @lenonmundeta urged the city father to:
_Please comment on people that have been receiving and paying bills with no drop coming from their taps._

Mutero @rabimutero said the local government authority should:
_First of all take meter readings_

Harare City Council is on record saying that they use estimates in cases where they are unable to collect water meter readings. Reasons for failure, according to the city fathers, include the absence of property owners during the times when the officers come to conduct meter readings and the absence of resources like fuel to ferry officers to each and every property (houses etc).
Troll Politics 🇿🇼 @Garwe31 is of the view that Harare City Council is now looking for money to pay workers. Says the handle:
_Bwahahahaha! Twakutsvaga mari yeku cover wage bill_

bobby mushaninga @bobbymushaning1 said:
_How are you going to drive to the high-density suburbs where the roads are full of potholes and litter everywhere which you haven’t (been) collected_

@Jowa.zw @ideazimb said:
_So the main factor affecting service delivery is non-payment of bills not that all the money is being collected by ZANU PF as alleged by the party? Any initiative to bring back the sunshine status is appreciated_

Mr NHIDZA @NhidzaMr said:
_There is a hidden war. In fact, what progress are you talking about? We hear of e-billing right now your April bills are out but not sure if residents have received them. Cleared March statement but April bill shows current charges as in 120days overdue. Sort in house problems please._

Artwell Gonese @artiegonese said:
_Same here even after several emails the bills are still not updated. Fix that first to encourage [email protected]_

Chakuzira Tafadzwa @tafadzwachak said:
_There is no water supply to disconnect anyways coz the supply is not there. We have reached a position where citizens have learnt to live without your services and see no reason to pay for services they don’t get.

Source | Pindula

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