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Resident clashes with Chitungwiza Municipality


Resident clashes with Chitungwiza Municipality

A RESIDENT is at odds with Chitungwiza Municipality after his shop was ‘‘wrongfully’’ destroyed on Saturday.

Nicholas Limula, was granted the rightful owner of stand number 37015 by High Court but events turned out that the municipality ‘‘defied’’ the order and proceeded to destroy the structure.

The shop is situated at Chirunga Shopping Centre in Unit K where Nicholas was constructing a shop and won the case at the High Court, according to the court papers.

Following his High Court appeal through his lawyers Nyika Kanengoni and partners, Nicholas won his case in which the municipality was ordered not to destroy the structure or disrupt him from developing the place. However, the municipality proceeded to issue an order compelling Nicholas to stop developing the stand forthwith and a demolition followed on July 17.

H-Metro contacted Acting Town Clerk Evangelista Machona who could not confirm the incident. “I am currently looking after a patient, can you call me tomorrow when I will be in office,” she said.

While Nicholas believes that there is a lot happening behind the back since all his papers are in order. I have been paying all the rates and I purchased this stand properly.

Everything is order, I even went to the High Court over this stand and I won against them only to find them bringing a letter of demolition.

“They came and destroyed on Saturday after even seeing the order from the court. I don’t understand and I approached the police to report a case against people who were sent with the demolition papers because they saw this order and continued to destroy,” he said.

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