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Recalled MDC Alliance Councillors Approach High Court

Sixteen MDC Alliance councillors who were recalled by the MDC-T led by Thokozani Khue have approached the High Court seeking an order to reverse the recalls.

The councillors from Harare and Marondera, respectively, are Enock Mupamaonde, Size Vilela, Wonder Siliya, Chengetai Murova, Misheck Manyere, Charles Ngwena, Lovemore Makuwerere, Gilbert Hadebe, Munyaradzi Kufahakutizwi, Simon Mapunzure, Charles Chidhagu, Keith Charumbira, Stephen Dhliwayo, Barnabas Ndira, and Runyowa Chihoma.

Representing the councillors, Mupamaonde said the MDC-T had no right to withdraw them from local government authorities since they were elected into office under MDC Alliance ticket. Mupamaonde said:

My co-applicants and I had neither received any correspondence nor advice from any person that we had been expelled from any political party.

We were never allowed to exercise our right to be heard. We only learnt of our purported expulsions
through the declaration of vacancies.

They accuse Local government minister, July Moyo of “descended into a political arena” and making a judgment on a clearly contested matter.

They say Moyo’s decision and finding that they belong to the MDC-T was supposed to be made by the courts not him.

Moyo, acting on the instruction from the MDC-T reinstated leadership recalled the councillors and over 30 councillors.

The MDC-T leadership which was reinstated by the March Supreme Court ruling on the MDC leadership crisis notes claims that it” owns” every MDC Alliance member who was a member of MDC before the formation of the 2017 MDC Alliance (an amalgamation of 7 political parties).

The leadership has expelled Chamisa and recalled members who continue to show allegiance to him.

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