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Ray Vines and Chasi meet after the fight

Ray Vines and Chasi meet after the fight

The pair fought last night in their much-anticipated boxing match. The much-hyped boxing match between former Energy Minister Fortune Chasi and comedian Ray Vines finally took place last night and it was something else.

Many felt robbed after watching the match, but when they came-on for a charity event it was quite fun. As predicted by many, Ray Vines was knocked out by Chibabest, the MP Fortune Chasi, who gave the young man some devastating blows that ended him (Ray Vines) being carried by an ambulance to receive medical attention.

The good news is that he woke up before even leaving for the hospital. He is fine and did not sustain any injuries. Ray Vines was knocked out and they met for the first time after last night’s fight.

Source | MbareTimes

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