Man of the moment, President Emmerson Mnangagwa is many things to many people but no one disputes he is a distinguished liberation war hero, his daring acts during the bush war earning him the moniker Ngwena,(Crocodile).

Seeing as he is a darling of the nation right now (his wife too, after her ambush on the dysfunctional Harare Hospital yesterday), but is camera-shy, we decided to compile some of his rare pics from the archives and perhaps continue boosting the cloud of high morale currently enveloping our teapot shaped nation.

I did drop a tear when I came across some of the pics he was with Former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and the late decorated hero Solomon ‘Rex Nhongo ‘ Mujuru. Nothing can quench the fiery flame of friendship, comradeship but a woman!



The good old days:The late Solomon ‘Rex Nhongo’ Mujuru, Former President Robert Mugabe and current President Emmerson Mnangagwa


Former President Robert Mugabe with now successor, ED Mnangagwa



The Late Vp Mzenda, President ED Mnangagwa and Former President Robert Mugabe



President ED Mnangagwa back in the day



Ed Mnangagwa(far right) and President Mugabe


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