Rapper T-Gonzi relives his horrific near-death attack experience.

The rapper said that he is now fully aware of what occurred on a horrific night in question and said that he suspects his music rival of orchestrating the plan and plotting to have him killed. In an interview with H-Metro, Ti Gonzi said,

T GonziZim Hip Hop artist Ti Gonzi, real name Tinashe Gonzara, has revealed that he has finally recovered his memory after he spent days in critical condition back in March after he was left for dead for in a horrific attack.

I have ’killed’ rappers’ careers through freestyle battles. Some rappers do not really understand the art and I suspect some got emotional over it and hid their feelings. One thing I know is this was a planned thing from the way that it happened.

You never know the tragedy that happened to me might have been caused by a rapper or rappers because I have dominated the rap game for long especially on rap battles and performances.

…I am no longer suffering from memory loss. In fact, I’m starting to recall many things that happened when I wasn’t aware. Ti Gonzi also revealed that he had upgraded his personal security and was no longer moving by himself and now preferred to travel in a car.

He also revealed that he is set to go for another operation “where the skull in my stomach is supposed to be placed back in the head”. The musician did not clarify on this although in a previous interview he revealed that part of his scalp was removed and placed in the stomach.

Part of my scalp was removed and placed in the stomach. This was the only way for me to survive the attack that had destroyed my body tissues. There was no other way, it wasn’t easy but I had to live and make music with my life.

It’s impossible to live a normal life after having such an attack, I’m not the same man anymore, I’m traumatised. I’m living in fear, I’m always scared to go out alone.


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