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Rape-accused Madzibaba Attempts Midnight Marriage Rituals To Conceal Crime

Heartbroken Madzibaba breaks down in tears as wife threatens to dump him
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A Chitungwiza businessman who allegedly kidnapped a 16-year-old girl from St Mary’s Police Station is frantically trying to marry the young woman after her relatives reported him for rape.

Madzibaba Dhaifero, real name Ambition Mberikunashe on Tuesday denied that he had raped and later kidnapped the girl (name supplied) from the police, saying the two were married.

The girl had been employed as a housemaid when she was allegedly raped and impregnated by Mberikunashe.

The girl’s former employer, who is the complaint, said Madzibaba Dhafiero travelled with his relatives all the way to the girl’s rural home for marriage rituals in a bid to conceal his crime.

Speaking to Pindula, the girl’s former employer, who preferred anonymity, revealed that the accused attempted to marry the girl in the middle of the night but his efforts were rebuffed. He said:

The issue has created conflict in the family as the girl’s aunt (sister to her mother), is pushing for her marriage to Mberikunashe while the girl’s mother and the rest of the family are against the idea.

They are not interested in the accused’s money but want justice to be done for their daughter.

In a new twist to the case, the accused sent an emissary to the complainant’s home demanding the girl’s birth certificate.

It turned out the document was in rural Mutoko and the victim’s family reportedly sent it by a kombi driver to the girl’s former employer.

However, the document went missing along the way and it is feared that the victim alerted the suspect of the development and it may have been confiscated and destroyed to conceal her age as she does not have an ID.

The girl reportedly visited the police on Thursday and refuted the report that she was raped. She told police officers that she is in fact married to Mberikunashe.

This comes after a week since the alleged kidnapping and the Chitungwiza community is now blaming the police for not rescuing the girl as she could have been brainwashed by the accused during their weeklong “marriage”.

Mberikunashe has since left his home and is now staying at an undisclosed location with his alleged victim.

The complainant told Pindula that they have since escalated the issue with the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR).

In other news, Two students at Harare Polytechnic have been suspended by college authorities for hugging on campus on Monday.

Yolanda Musithu, a female student doing National Diploma in Office Management with the institution, and Blessing Pasipanodya, were suspended on Thursday.

Harare Polytechnic Students Suspended For Hugging On Campus

They are accused of violating the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and Child Care COVID-19 prevention measures…Learn More

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