Home Celebs R.I.P Ma – Sad as AKA mourns

R.I.P Ma – Sad as AKA mourns

Broke AKA slammed for selling alcohol

R.I.P Ma – Sad as AKA mourns

Rapper and businessman AKA lost his wife just months back. The rapper was in his happy place and had just recently paid lobola for her.

Months later he seems to be getting better but the hurtful pain never goes away. The rapper had just announced this week that he will be stepping out to perform. Which left his fans excited.

Unfortunately, things don’t work out the way we want them. The rapper has lost another loved one just months after losing his wife.

R.I.P Ma – Sad as AKA mourns

His grandmother passed away, leaving him sad. The rapper attended the funeral with his daughter Kairo present by his side. May her soul rest in peace.

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In other news,

Wedding Couple Arrested…Police Enforce Covid-19 Lockdown Laws

A MARRIAGE officer, a wedding couple and four service providers were on Saturday arrested for conducting a wedding during a Level 4 national lockdown at a church in Churu Farm.

Wedding Couple Arrested...Police Enforce Covid-19 Lockdown Laws

Pastor Brian Macala, 31, of ZAOGA Churu Farm Assembly, was found officiating the wedding of Claris Ngwenya, 23, and Onward Chamboko, 42.

The three were arrested together with the cameraman Blessing Chinhengo, their Bindura based…Learn More


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