A Grade Seven pupil has failed to write her final examinations after a teacher attacked her.


The teacher at Chishakwe Primary School flew into a rage after the pupil failed to raise a hand during a class discussion.

The 13-year-old Burma Valley pupil has now being downgraded to Grade Six lessons while her colleagues finish off the 2018 Zimsec exams.

The pupil’s mother, Mrs Constance Tsikamvere was furious. She said she was the one meeting medical expenses for the child.

“I cannot believe it even up to now. I thought my child would be completing Grade 7 this year but look now. It is so painful, but at the end of the day I have to accept it,” she said.

The pupil told the Manica Post : “It was on a Thursday when she (Ms Diza) came to our class for an agriculture lesson. She asked a question that no one could answer, and nobody raised a hand to answer.

“She then asked a different question and I was among those who did not raise their hands, as I did not know the answer. She started beating us for not raising our hands. A certain boy complained that he had been injured and she asked him to give her the other hand.

“She came to me and beat me four times on my hand. I cried and could not stand the pain. My hand started swelling and I was in great pain. I could not write until (last Monday) when Grade 7s started their exams. After missing out the final exam, I was told to attend lessons in Grade Six lessons,” she said.

Provincial education director Mr Edward Shumba confirmed that corporal punishment was indeed administered on the child. “There was an error in that after admitting that corporal punishment the headmistress says she cautioned the teacher yet under normal circumstances reports were supposed to be compiled and the teacher in question be charged. It is like a police officer arrived at a scene of an accident where a person has been hit and killed by a vehicle and then the officer issues a $20 admission of guilty fine. That is not proper.”


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