ASPIRING candidate for the Harare East National Assembly seat Cde Mavis Gumbo is being sued over allowances she allegedly claimed fraudulently from her former employer Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) and unpaid taxes to the tune of $1,2 million.


Cde Gumbo, who was formerly employed by PSMAS as group public relations executive, is accused of receiving her allowances without paying tax between 2009 and 2013, creating a bill of $1 014 378.
The $1 014 378 was eventually footed by PSMAS.

To that end, PSMAS is now claiming $1 014 378 plus $127 935, being travel and subsistence allowances fraudulently claimed for Zifa-related trips to various countries. The Zifa trips, according to the medical aid firm, had nothing to do with PSMAS neither were they related to Cde Gumbo’s job description at the time.

PSMAS, through its lawyers Mbidzo Muchadehama & Makoni Legal Practitioners, filed a claim at the High Court basing on an audit report produced in June 2015. The report, according to the summons, unearthed numerous fraudulent and unlawful transactions carried out by the defendant and other executive employees, which prejudiced PSMAS.

The non-profit making medical aid society is also claiming $35 000 for a vehicle purchased by Cde Gumbo outside PSMAS’s policy.

PSMAS is also claiming $10 000, being allowances Cde Gumbo claimed for a trip to South Africa. Above all, PSMAS is claiming interest to the amounts owed plus costs of suit.
Between January 2009 and December 2013, Cde Gumbo was paid various allowances by PSMAS.

The allowances included fuel, school fees, quarterly benefits and they were processed outside the payroll system.

They were not subjected to income tax assessment, which tax, Cde Gumbo was obliged at law to pay.

“The amount due and payable to the plaintiff as income tax not withheld from the allowances received between January 2009 and December 2013, is US$1 014 378,07,” reads the plaintiff’s declaration.

PSMAS received a bill of $40 611 916 from ZIMRA, including the $1 014 378 that Cde Gumbo had not remitted, and paid the debt in full. To that end, PSMAS is now claiming its $1 014 378 from Cde Gumbo.

Cde Gumbo also refused to pay back the $127 935 that she claimed for Zifa trips to various countries, prompting PSMAS to file the claim.

“PSMAS also lost $10 000 when it funded Cde Gumbo’s personal trip to South Africa and despite demand, she has not paid it back. “She caused the purchase of a vehicle ACG 8432 for $35 000 when she was not entitled to such a benefit in terms of the company policy.”


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