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PSL ROAR BACK…troubled league will resume play next week

PSL ROAR BACK…troubled league will resume play next week

THE domestic Premiership is expected to resume next week after a one-week suspension in the wake of the crowd trouble which has been blighting its matches.

H-Metro was briefed last night that the entire league programme will resume next week after the league’s leaders come up with interventions they believe will end the madness.

Tomorrow, the top-flight league will hold a security seminar, which is part of the interventions, which they believe will restore sanity to the Premiership.

The seminar is expected to be attended by the police and other security agencies who work in partnership with the league.

Yesterday, league chairman, Farai Jere, shed some light on why they had to suspend this week’s programme.

“Let me tell you something about decisions when they’re being made, in 90 percent of decisions, it’s likely that people don’t agree with them,” he said.

“But, in most cases, those decisions will be the correct ones.

“Most people have been asking me why I came up with the decision and most are happy, including the ZIFA (acting leader, Gift Banda).

“He called me and asked why I came up with the decision and after explanations, he said he will support me wherever we are going because it’s a good move.

“At times, there is a lack of information, whereby you guys from the media don’t know the reason why I’ve made such a decision, makes people speculate.”

He said violence was becoming a part of the league and something had to be done.

“If you look at the Barboufields incident, something like that happened some weeks ago at Mandava,” he said.

“We are looking at a situation, which is a crisis in our view and, after we sat down and analysed the evidence which was there, from the videos, we actually saw that we needed all stakeholders to sit down and come up with a solution before we move forward.

“In two weeks’ time we have another derby, which is the CAPS/Dynamos match, and it’s another high-profile game.

“We didn’t want to get into another big game with a lot of issues still hanging and that is why we decided to have all stakeholders sit in one room this weekend, see if all of us are aligned, and want to play their part for our league.

“Are you playing your part as the security guard, as marshals, as referee and we want to see if there’s somewhere we need reinforcement because we don’t want these same problems to keep happening.

“This is quite a unique decision, which is proper and it’s going to come up with a solution to the current problems, which we have.

“We cannot just wake up and start playing football again after an incident like what happened in Bulawayo.”

He said it was a temporary but powerful intervention.

“Our job is to think and make decisions,” he said.

“To fine the teams is the generic decision, which we have in our files, which always happens but this time around we wanted to make it different and see if we can uproot this.

“If it means that we need to increase the number of police, let it be, we will now be getting this information from the stakeholders.

“It’s just one week, just this weekend, we don’t have time to waste.

“But, it was very necessary to put the game on standby for just one week to make sure that we are all aligned.”

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