‘Prosperity & Miracle’ Prophets Cry Foul At Being Banned


‘Prosperity & Miracle’ Prophets Cry Foul At Being Banned

Prophets have lamented over the recent banning of advertising of of their churches and services by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (Baz) .


In a letter sent to all broadcasting media houses recently, Baz chief executive officer Obert Muganyura said the ban of programming for prophets, faith and traditional healers was with immediate effect.

“Please kindly be advised that the authority has observed with concern the use of broadcast stations as platforms for advertising faith and traditional healing powers, and the use of scientifically untested methods of treatment and healing by certain individuals and churches to the public, including the use of unverifiable testimonies”, Muganyura said in his letter.

“This observation by the authority is supported by numerous complaints by members of the public to the radio and television stations as revealed by the stations complaints registers and on social media.

“Needless to point out … these broadcasts have impacted on the expected wider focus of the stations to inform, educate and entertain the public, and rather emerged as priority programming to the disappointment of viewers and listeners”, Muganyura said.

Over the years, prophets and traditional healer’s programmes had dominated all radio programming amid calls by the listeners that the content was poisoning the nation with fake miracles, some which bordered on fiction.

In response, the prophets have hit back claiming that this is a clear sign that the media is in the hands of the devil.

“It has happened in Nigeria but we are glad that eventually the power of God will prevail against all odds. It is a clear sign that the media being one of the most powerful tools of mass communication is being targeted by the devil, said”, Maposa who claims popular Nigerian televangelist Temitope Balogun Joshua, popularly known as TB Joshua is his spiritual father.

In context, Prophet Miracle Paul of New Revelations Ministries, famed for his Tent also told this publication through his spokesperson Abel Mutambirwa that the authority has crushed the freedom of worship.

“We have the right to broadcast our messages just like other organizations are doing. We do not manufacture testimonies but testimonies come from those helped by Lord God through his servants, men of God”.

However, Apostle Tendai Kapondoro of Sheepgate Church which hosted Cameroonian preacher John Chi in the country said to a large extent the ban was right.

“The ban comes at a time when most of the prophets were abusing media through the name of preaching”, he said.

“The true gospel of repentance was no longer being preached but prophets were concentrating on the prosperity gospel.

“Some of our brothers and sisters have been taking advantage of the desperation of their followers to do unethical dealings.

“However, I still feel the gospel should be preached to all corners of the country or world at large whether with the help of radios, televisions or without”, Kapondoro said.



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