Prophet Who Captured Notorious Bulawayo Goblin Reveals All

Prophet Siziba who battled the Bulawayo goblin which had been terrorizing a community has broken his silence on how he managed to over power the creature, saying that it’s a jungle out there because you either kill or be killed.

Prophet Who Captured Notorious Bulawayo Goblin Reveals All

Siziba revealed that the job was not for the faint-hearted, explaining how the ceremony went. “When they asked me to kill the goblin after the Zion people had failed, people thought I could just jump in and do it once, but it’s not done that way”

“I had to prepare, that is the reason we spent the night singing and praying. I had to set traps because if I had not done that the goblin was going to kill me,” he said.He further explained why he used the chicken as well as empty Jameson bottles.

“A goblin has a powerful spirit so we had prayed for the chicken so that by the time it (goblin) died, its spirit would move into the chicken and not to anyone. “Gumbo the owner of the house had to hold the chicken so that even the bad spirit which was on him moved to the chicken.

“As for the Jameson bottles, it was just a coincidence because all we wanted were empty bottles where we put our prayers. The bottles would explode as a signal for us to go ahead,” he explained. Prophet Siziba and his crew, which comprised several prophets, did not charge the residents for their services. They, however, will accept gifts.

People expected to see the goblins, however he explained that they appear in different forms as they are spirits.